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About the artist

To discover Rosenfeld's luminous landscapes in the midst of the concrete reality of New York City is an unexpected pleasure. In her urban studio, Rosenfeld paints- from memory and photographs- dramatic junctures of land, sky, and sea discovered in Florida, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Switzerland and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Carefully, removing most evidence of civilazation from her compositions, Rosenfeld restores the landscape as carefully as an environmentalist. Through her eyes, one can savor the beauty of nature in its primordial state.

Rosenfeld was raised in New York City and studies at Pratt Institute, New York (BFA, 1977) and New York University (MA, 1983). She spent summers- and still does- on Martha's Vineyard. This life-long proximity to water is a profound influence on her paintings. Island culture, even in an urban environment, is unique and has enabled Rosenfeld to surround herself both literally and metaphorically, with the water that is her primary subject. Summer travels have also afforded her the opportunity to study subtle changes of sky, shore and water in diverse locations.

The camera is Rosenfeld's link with contemporary art practices. She carefully photographs the settings that she will later paint. She initially projects selected images onto canvas or paper, and then through judicious editing of details, reconstruction with a sense of the dramatic possibilities, and atmospheric memories, she over paints the preliminary sketch and continues working until the painting resonates with the original sense of place. She paints in both acrylic on linen canvas and, since 1995, watercolor on paper. Acrylic allows Rosenfeld the freedom to develop her paintings in a more contemplative manner while watercolor enables her to express the immediacy of the setting as she discovered it in life.

Rosenfeld has an extensive exhibition history, including solo exhibitions at the Hoftra Museum, the Science Museum of Western Virginia, Purdue University, Gallery Leuenberger, Switzerland, and the Ingbar Gallery, Soho, New York. She was recently featured in and curated a show at the Lotos Club, New York City. Rosenfeld is serving on the Board of Directors and teaching at the Old Sculpin Gallery, Martha's Vineyard. Her work is in numerous collections, including the Hofstra Museum, the Midwest Museum of American Art, the Science Museum of Western Virginia, and Purdue and Pepperdine Universities.